Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect came out a few years ago and struck great success due to its deep, intricate storyline and varied gameplay that gives players many options about the outcome of the game and the general way it progresses. Mass Effect 2 expands on those trends, delivering even more of what made the original so popular and successful – and it should definitely remain in the hearts of gamers for a long time.


Mass Effect 2 features a much-improved combat system, with damage now appropriately affecting different areas of your enemies’ (and yours as well) bodies, and there have been various improvements to the AI as well – for example, your enemies are now much more persistent, refusing to simply die, instead they’ll crawl to you even if they can’t get up, doing their best to hurt you.

The healing system has been replaced by a regenerating health one, similar to what’s used in some other games. The “medi-gel” that was used in the original game is still present though, as it’s used to revive your allies that have been struck down. Weapons behave more realistically as well, and you’ll have to be careful if you want to avoid them overheating, or other dangerous side effects of overuse.

Graphics and System Requirements

The latest version of the Unreal Engine can deliver some very high-quality graphics – you’ll see lots of great-looking effects accompanying the exciting gameplay all around, and the level of post-processing is simply tremendous and adds to the atmosphere of the game immensely. You’ll also get to enjoy a well-coded physics engine, which makes for some spectacular, chaotic firefights with ragdolls flying all around.

System requirements are rather high though, as with all the games running on the Unreal Engine’s latest version. You’ll need a good modern-day computer capable of handing current titles without problems, if you want to enjoy Mass Effect 2 as well. Toning down some of the graphics quality settings may be a small remedy, but those don’t change that much in this game, so you won’t get away with as much as you would in other games.


Mass Effect 2 offers a lot of replay value, so don’t just put it on a shelf after you’re done with it – make sure you give it another try, this time taking different turns and options in your dialogues – you’ll find it to be a completely different experience, and you’ll actually be able to get at least several different and unique run-throughs, if you’re careful in your choices when it comes to conversations.


Mass Effect 2 is definitely a game that deserves all the praise it got, and it should figure in your collection at all cost if you value true gameplay quality served in an aesthetically pleasing and captivating manner. It may be a bit complex at first, and you may find some of the gameplay decisions a bit irritating, but you’ll still enjoy it greatly and that’s guaranteed.

Dark Orbit review

Dark Orbit is a MMO browser game where you fly around in a little spacecraft. It was released on December 2006 by Bigpoint, a company that also has games like Seafight and Deepolis. In Seafight you control a pirate ship and in Deepolis you control a submarine. Seems like they really enjoy making games where you control some form of a ship. Anyways, Dark Orbit is their most popular browser game with over 30 million registered users. There are servers for most countries translated into their native language.

You start out having to select to join one of three companies, and you are friends with all other players inside your company. You could compare it to horde and alliance of world of warcraft, apart from the fact that there are 3 factions in Dark Orbit and all fight against each other. You start out with an introduction to the game in form of quests you have to do. This is a very common way for browser games to teach new players how to play.

You control your ship both with your mouse and the keyboard. I found the controls quite different to get used to at first, and sometimes it is hard to see what is really going on cause of pretty poor graphics. Eventually your starship will get drones beside it, and with many ships shooting in the same area with drones and everything the whole screen will be filled with laster shots, bombs and explosions.

Dark Orbit is a PvPvE game, and your PvE enemy is all the alien ships flying around in the galaxies. The aliens are very weak near the home sectors where you start out, and they increase in strength as you move further away from home. There are lots of sectors in the game and a pretty large area to explore. Levelling is done combining alien griding and doing quests, and leveling is fairly quick. In several quests you have to PvP as well. As you gain levels you can upgrade your ship, get better weapons and other useful items.

The money in the game is in form of credits and uridium. You can make credits just playing the game, killing aliens, etc. Uridium however, you have to buy for real money, and that’s how BigPoint make money of the game. To get the best ships and weapons out there you have to spend quite a bit of money on the game.

Overall Dark Orbit is a pretty cool game to spend a few evenings with, but I don’t think many players will find the game interesting week after week. Out of the 30 million players I believe less than 5% are active players. The graphics are also not great, really ugly at times to be honest. Also, once you are done leveling there is not that much to do in the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

Modern Warfare 2 is the follow-up to the massively successful Call of Duty series. Ever since coming out, the game has built up to the top of the ladder of online shooters, and still ranks #1 in terms of players online at any time. This huge success came despite some negative backlash from the community against the way the servers were structured in the new version – it seems that people have calmed down with time and have came to terms with the new rules (more on that below).


The game features a rather short single-player mode, which managed to stir up some controversy due to the depiction of a group of Russian terrorists slaughtering an airport. The selling point of the title isn’t the single player though – its power lies in the online play, managing to gather together thousands of players every day. You can unlock various new weapons, tools and ranks as you progress through the RPG-like levelling system, giving you access to a very powerful arsenal on the battlefield.

Some of the criticism from the community came as a response to the removal of dedicated servers – in other words, you can’t host your own private game, you need to rely on the IWNet (Infinity Ward Network, the game’s centralized account system) to connect to other players via “lobbies” – which, while convenient for newcomers, precludes more advanced players from customizing their gameplay to greater extents.

Graphics and System Requirements

The game uses the newest version of Infinity Ward’s proprietary engine, and it performs excellently for the task of giving you tons of eye candy – the game looks spectacular, and the graphics combined with the rest of the effects really make you feel like you’re in the center of the action. The system requirements scale appropriately though, and you’ll need a powerful machine to run the game with everything enabled – at least a GeForce 6600GT or Radeon 1600XT, or any other DirectX 9-compliant card; and a 3.2GHz processor if you’re using a single core.


An underrated aspect of the game’s multiplayer is its cooperative mode, which allows you to play with your friends in a variety of exciting situations – so if you’re getting MW2, make sure you give that one a try, if you manage to find any lobbies for it. Also, since the game was released, more content has been made available for it in the form of DLC map packs (one released so far and more coming up), though you’ll have to pay for those as they’re not free.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 managed to become one of the highest-ranking games of its time, and we’re yet to see anyone take the crown from it – and despite its occasional flaws and hiccups, it deserves its popularity in all aspects – so if you want a refreshing shooter, give it a try.

Evony review

Evony is a massive online browser based strategy game made in flash. It is a pretty new game, less than one year old, but still it has manage to become one of the most popular online strategy games out there. The main reason is their heavy advertising, and they have been critizised a lot for their adds with half naked women that have nothing to do with the game. The game was originally launched by a Chinese company calling themselves UMGE, but at the moment the company is registered in the US and call themselves Evony LLC.

Anyways, the games itself is pretty cool. You start out with one city and limited resources and expand from there to a large empire. You start with doing quests to expans your resources fields, construct buildings and then train troops. You troops will be used to defend yourself against other players, attack other players for resources and also attack NPC village for resources and other rewards. The graphics are pretty cool, there are lots of units, buildings and technologies to research, but the game being based in flash makes it quite laggy. You have to spend a lot of time on the game to be successful.


Evony LLC claim that Evony Age 2 will launch soon, and I’m looking forward to that. The game now is hurting a little too much from all the botting and lack of updates in my opinion. The last 6 months pretty much nothing have happened to the game at all. I can recommend checking out the game, but I wouldn’t spend any money on it until Age 2 comes out.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat Review

STALKER was a massive hit when it came out. Set in a fictional near future, it revolved around events in “The Zone”, a common way to refer to the Zone of Exclusion around Chernobyl. In the game’s fictional timeline, a second major disasted in Chernobyl causes the military to completely cordon the zone, at the same time creating a self-sustained area inside it, where bands and organizations fight against each other for dominance and survival. Call of Pripyat is the second expansion to the original, set shortly after the events of the first game.


In Call of Pripyat, it’s assumed that the first game ended with the player destroying the organization controlling The Zone (as the game featured multiple possible endings). There have been various additions to the gameplay, such as upgrades to the weapons and changes to the trading system. There are now also daily “emissions”, a new type of anomaly caused by the disasters in the area, which causes deadly outbursts of radiation, forcing the player to seek cover.

A much-requested Free Play mode has been added as well, which allows you to continue playing the game and exploring its world freely after you’ve finished it, completing some of the “perpetual” quests and enjoying the game’s atmosphere – which, by the way, is in some aspects even better than the previous games.

Graphics and System Requirements

The X-Ray engine has been slightly upgraded for this version, bringing in some new post-processing effects, and new eye-candy such as water realistically flowing down walls when it’s raining – if you’ve got a computer that can support it at the highest levels of detail, it will be a fantastic experience, guaranteed. The game portrays both outside and indoor environments very realistically and in a captivating manner – and the new effects utilized for anomalies are just spectacular.

Despite that, Call of Pripyat’s overall system requirements are actually lower than those of the previous two – apart from eye candy, the engine also received a lot of optimization, it seems. This is always great to see, as many developers nowadays tend to concentrate on buffing up the graphics quality without any regard for how much they’re shrinking their potential customer base.


The game does have a few bugs and glitches, as the developer is known for releasing products like that. However, the latest patches fix most of what could be troubling you, and the game becomes a smooth and enjoyable experience. Online play is there but not very heavily accented, as the primary spotlight here is the single player experience – though still, you may want to have a few rounds blasting other people with the game’s guns (mostly the sniper rifles, due to the way it’s balanced).


A solid game that grabs you and just doesn’t let go until you’ve beaten every single side-quest and explored every last ruined factory. It’s not just your regular shooter, it’s an absolute masterpiece that really deserves more attention than it’s received.

StarCraft 2 Review

StarCraft 2 may not be out in its full form yet, but thanks to Blizzard and their open beta, we’ve had plenty of time to make a judgement on the game. Now that the beta has been closed and the game is nearing its release though, we’re sure some things will be changed, if the community’s feedback during the testing period is to be of any indication. Nevertheless, it proved highly successful while it was out, and everyone’s eagerly anticipating the actual release.

Update: The game was officially released July 27, 2010.


The basic gameplay hasn’t changed that much since the first game – of course, the races have received new units and buildings, and on the other hand some of the old things were removed – but apart from that, the basic premise remains the same. One notable aspect is that the grid-like nature of levels has been preserved, instead of going for a completely free building placement as some other modern strategies do.

Everything feels all around more balanced now, there are fewer “perfect” tactics and more freedom for the player to choose their own style of play. Of course, you’ll still have to learn some basic builds if you want to get good, but that’s in the nature of StarCraft anyway. Races have been made more heavily reliant on the micromanagement aspect, each with a new ability – for example, the Terran can use their upgraded Command Center to summon a special SCV-like unit, which gathers a lot more minerals in one go, but can only be used for mineral gathering and self-destructs after a set amount of time.

Graphics and System Requirements

As can be expected from a game by Blizzard, art is very heavily played on here – it’s obvious that there have been thousands of workhours put into designing everything from the menus to the units and environment. The game makes you feel like you’re watching an epic movie right from the main menu, and that feeling is reinforced further on, with the way the music is combined with each race’s style.

Despite that, StarCraft 2 can run on some pretty old machines (for today’s standards), if everything is set to low – despite some occasional slowdowns, it’s still playable even under such conditions, which speaks great of the optimization work that’s been put into it.


LAN play was missing from the beta and will likely not be present in the final version, at least not in its classic form – you’ll probably have to authenticate through first, and then you’ll get access to the option of playing on a local area directly – which is kind of inconvenient as you’ll have to provide an Internet connection to all the computers that’ll be playing.


Blizzard know how to make a competitive strategy game – and this is an upcoming guaranteed hit – if you’re tired of the mediocrity that we’ve been seeing lately, buckle up as in just one month that’s about to change.

Red Steel 2 Review

Red Steel 2 is the sequel to a semi-popular title for the Nintendo Wii, set in a unique world that combines elements of western with fantasy and oriental culture. The game is, again, a first-person shooter, though its gameplay has changed from its predecessor somewhat, with the game now being a lot more refined and streamlined towards the action side of things.


You play “The Hero”, an unnamed character who’s robbed of his precious Katana sword in the beginning of the game, and must fight his way through a multitude of enemies and solve various quests until he manages to ultimately obtain his sword back. As mentioned above, you play from a first-person perspective, with the fights featuring a fine balance between gunplay and swordfighting – a combination that we’ve certainly rarely seen in other games, the most notable probably being Devil May Cry and its successors.

The storyline has been very deeply developed in Red Steel 2, with all of the characters possessing unique personalities that help them stand out from their associates and enemies, and create a complete environment that just drags you in and gets you involved in the lives of the characters on a more personal level than most other games on the market ever manage to.

Graphics and System Requirements

The game is Wii-exclusive, which probably tells you a few things about the quality of its graphics – it’s true that it’s not exactly top of the line when it comes to serving you eye candy, and the Wii’s hardware limitations are coming through more and more obviously with each game that comes out for it. Red Steel 2 has managed to overcome those problems by creating a very unique and captivating art style, which manages to give the game its own charm.

This is something that may probably bother fans of the previous game though – knowing what the previous title looked like, we can say that Red Steel 2 is a huge departure from that style. So, expect a completely different game with regards to its looks. Is it better or worse though? That’s certainly a subjective thing to say, but from our personal point of view, the art style is much more professional-looking now, and everything ties in together more closely.


Some of the side quests may start getting a bit repetitive at one point – that’s a common concern that people have been addressing, and the general consensus is that you should concentrate on the primary plot line and only do side quests occasionally, for the bonus resources. This doesn’t mean that you should absolutely preclude yourself from engaging in the game’s additional quests though – just make sure you don’t overdo it.


It’s certainly not the Japanese-styled shooter the first one was – but if you love a quality action experience packed full of interesting characters and intricate plot lines, this should be on top of your list of games worth checking out.

Middle-Earth:Shadow of Mordor latest informations!

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor is an upcoming action role-playing game set in the time of the gap between The Hobbit and The Lord Of The Rings saga.The game will be released  on PC,PS3,PS4,Xbox 360,and Xbox One.

Warner Bros announed that the release date for North America will be September 30,with a worldwide release coming two days later,on Octomber  2.

Gameplay Trailer:

Heroic Odyssey Closed Beta Test is Here – Events and Giveaways

The browser game Heroic Odyssey has just launched its Closed Beta January 12, 2012. To encourage people to try out their new game, the game developers have prepared a series of events and giveaways for all players.

Events and Giveaways

Event 1: Login Reward

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content: During the CB period, each player will receive 1000 free daily ingot at 14.00 everyday.


1)Each account only can get 1000 free daily ingot.

2)Player must online during 14.00 to get the reward.

3)The reward will automatically send to your account.

4)The final decisions belongs to Heroic Odyssey Management.

Event 2: Double Experience

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content: During the CB period, every player can enjoy the double experience from 1600-1800.All heroes will gain double experience when hitting monster during that time.

Event 3:Ranking Board

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content: During the CB period, top three player of Level Ranking, Wealth Ranking and Equipment Ranking will receive huge amount of ingot as reward during the OB period.

First Place: 1000 ingot

Second Place: 800 ingot

Third Place: 500 ingot
Inaddition, 20 lucky player will be chosen from No.4 – No.50, each of the luckyplayer will receive 200 ingot as the reward.

Event 4:Growth Reward

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content: During the CB period, once you build your character, you will receive a “Growth Packs” on your bags. Reached every 5 level of your character,you can receive your reward from the “Growth packs”.

Event 5:Online Reward

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content: During the CB period, every player will receive their Online Reward in the game.

Event 6:Heroic Target Reward

Time: 12th January 16.00(GMT+8) until 17th January 16.00(GMT+8)
Content : During the CB period, for those who had completed the mission of “Heroic target” will receive the value of 5888 ingot items reward.


1)The reward will automatically send to your account.

2)The final decisions belongs to Heroic OdysseyManagement.

Game Features

Expedition System
Expedition interface contains 3 type of scenarios:

Infantry Expedition 5 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 30 orange equipment, primary gemstone, primary intensify material and other items.
Archer Expedition 10 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 40 orange equipment, all types of gemstones, talisman and other items.
Cavalry Expedition 20 ingot/times, have an opportunity to obtain a piece of level 50 orange equipment and other games item can?t buy from the mall.

Pet System and Mount System
In Heroic Odyssey, increasing pet characteristics will improve the pets? quality and ability to make your pet become stronger. Each player in Heroic Odyssey will be able to customize their Mounts/Rides.

VIP System
Players can use the VIP card to become a VIP player. VIP?s enjoy exclusive functions and privileges, which makes game play faster and more enjoyable.

Casting System
Casting system is one of the core features in Heroic Odyssey. In game, the difference between victory and defeat is based on the enhancement of the players gear. Therefore, the different casting on your equipment will make your character become stronger in the battle.

Meridian System
To make the character stronger in Heroic Odyssey (minus level, equipment, and skill), one important part is the characters meridian; it will increase the attributes of the character. When your equipment is not good enough and you are looking for that extra edge, the Meridian will give it to you.

Quality Set Equipment
Orange equipment is the best quality equipment in Heroic Odyssey, it is also the rarest equipment. If you collect the whole set of rare equipment will make your character more powerful, this is the goal of most players.

Quest Consign
Heroic Odyssey the easy way to leveling is the quest consign. Everyday just to use this and a few daily quests are compared to killing a few hundred of the monsters.

In-game Bot
Heroic Odyssey has also provided a bot for player leveling, just click to start, and whether your players is offline or online they will receive lots of experience.

Brawl Busters: Coming Soon For Everyone

Rock Hippo Productions announced that its upcoming online multiplayer action game, Brawl Busters, will begin the Open Beta phase starting Thursday, November the 3rd.

The game update features two new modes, all new weapons and cool, never-before-seen outfits. The website will also receive an update that will allow players to join the Brawl Busters community in the Busters Centre. Players can expect more new features to be announced with the start of the Open Beta next week!

“We invite fans to check out the Open Beta trailer and screenshots so they can get a real feel for the non-stop action that awaits them,” said Howard He, President and CEO of Rock Hippo Productions.

Rock Hippo is always looking for players’ feedback. All Closed Beta participants, aka “Original Busters”, are asked to answer a short, 5 to 7 minute survey, that will help Rock Hippo make Brawl Busters a better game down the road.

For compensation every “Original Buster” who answers the survey will receive a healthy Buster Points prize.