Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Mobilized Review

Sun Jan 1. 2023

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Mobilized Review

The great positive reception and immense popularity of the Call of Duty series has fueled their spreading over several different platforms – the Nintendo DS representing the mobile ones. Modern Warfare: Mobilized is the third installment in the mobile CoD series, and in the spirit of the previous games aims to recreate the feeling of its “larger” counterpart for the PC and consoles, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


At first glance, the interface seems very similar to that of the previous two games, with the top screen showing your player's view, and the bottom displaying a radar and your HUD. After looking around for a few seconds though, you'll notice that it has been refined and greatly improved, with some of the useless elements removed, making way for a clearer weapons display and a more diverse radar (which isn't limited to one type of figure anymore). As in the computer game, you can control airborne spy drones, as well as the almighty AC-130, the scary-looking gunship that gets everyone to duck behind cover when you're playing MW2 online.

You'll no longer be fighting against enemies whose actions are no more intelligent than those of a dummy (as was the case with the previous two games). Instead of standing in one place and stubbornly taking your fire while doing their best to hit you, your adversaries will now surprise you with tactics like taking cover and using it to move around and flank you, using grenades to flush you out (something which you'll soon grow to hate), as well as rushing at you with all they've got when they sense you're close to death. Really, if you're familiar with the last two games and you feel you're good, forget everything you've learned.

Graphics and System Requirements

Modern Warfare: Mobilized looks okay for an NDS shooter. The actual gameplay screen is completely clean of any obstructions, and you only see your weapon and the world around you. The enemies have been animated well, and when they throw themselves behind cover the sequences look very well-done. We mentioned the interface has been cleaned up – you'll surely enjoy the new style of the radar, though it still lacks an overlay of the map itself, which would've helped tremendously with navigation for newer players.


Online multiplayer is fully supported by Modern Warfare: Mobilized, and up to six players can play together in several types of game modes, such as “survival”, where you're allied with the other players in a small fortress-like setting, trying to last as long as you can against oncoming waves of enemies, or “arcade”, where you'll be playing cooperatively trying to beat the single player levels on a clock.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Mobilized is the definite mobile first person shooter experience, and the best alternative to the computer/console game you're going to get. If you've got friends with NDS consoles of their own, you're going to have a blast playing this online with them.