Evony review

Evony is a massive online browser based strategy game made in flash. It is a pretty new game, less than one year old, but still it has manage to become one of the most popular online strategy games out there. The main reason is their heavy advertising, and they have been critizised a lot for their adds with half naked women that have nothing to do with the game. The game was originally launched by a Chinese company calling themselves UMGE, but at the moment the company is registered in the US and call themselves Evony LLC.

Anyways, the games itself is pretty cool. You start out with one city and limited resources and expand from there to a large empire. You start with doing quests to expans your resources fields, construct buildings and then train troops. You troops will be used to defend yourself against other players, attack other players for resources and also attack NPC village for resources and other rewards. The graphics are pretty cool, there are lots of units, buildings and technologies to research, but the game being based in flash makes it quite laggy. You have to spend a lot of time on the game to be successful.


Evony LLC claim that Evony Age 2 will launch soon, and I’m looking forward to that. The game now is hurting a little too much from all the botting and lack of updates in my opinion. The last 6 months pretty much nothing have happened to the game at all. I can recommend checking out the game, but I wouldn’t spend any money on it until Age 2 comes out.